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At Swinburne Online we have several enrolment dates throughout the year, allowing you to start studying when it suits you. Higher education, VET Business and VET Nursing courses each  · Teaching Period Start Date. Census Date. Teaching Period End Date. TP3 29/10/ 08/11/ 03/12/ 13/02/ TP1 Teaching Period 1: 8 March 6 June Teaching Period 2: 5 July 3 October Teaching Period 3: 8 November 13 February  · Swinburne Online Teaching Period 1 (Units Study Period). (Swinburne Online) Thursday, 17 March: Enrolment for ELICOS Intake #3 (Swinburne College) Friday, 18  · Study period Class registration opens Class registration closes; SC1 (Pathways Teaching 1) Tuesday 14 December , 2pm: Friday 11 March SC2 ... read more

Most bachelor degrees are recognised worldwide. A Bachelor degree teaches you skills such as research and analytical thinking and is recognised as a higher qualification to diplomas or certificates.

Where a Diploma will give you the skills you need for your job, a Bachelor will set you up for your career. You can graduate with honours from a Bachelor Degree by undertaking an additional year of study, generally requiring you to complete a research project and submit a thesis, thereby positioning you for further research studies. Completing a Graduate Certificate will help you upgrade your qualifications or give you advanced practical skills required in specialist industries.

Graduate Certificates generally require a commitment of six months full-time study, or an equivalent part-time commitment. A Graduate Diploma will allow you to complete specialisation studies in a smaller amount of time and at a reduced cost of a Masters degree. Most of the time you will also have the option of transferring to a masters degree in the same topic. A Masters Degree allows you to become a specialist in your chosen field.

Typically students are required you to demonstrate a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. You will generally be required to undertake academic coursework and in some cases, preparation for professional practice. Higher education encompasses Bachelor level degrees and above and is offered by universities. Each course requires different commitments in terms of time, cost and pre-requisite or foundation study or experience.

Undergraduate study is a term used to describe formal, accredited tertiary education achievements. Studied at a university, higher education institution or college, an undergraduate degree will usually be your first university degree, such as a bachelor degree and will take between three and four years of full-time study or part-time equivalent to complete.

Postgraduate study is a term generally used to describe tertiary education courses available to students who have already completed a bachelor degree or have significant relevant work experience. Postgraduate study takes the form of either coursework or research.

Taking a research approach to postgraduate study entails conducting research and providing a thesis to earn a:. A double degree is a university degree where you study two single degrees at the same time, giving you the option of specialising in two different fields.

To be eligible to enrol in a double degree, you must meet all the entry requirements of both degree programs. Usually a double degree will take four years full time study or part-time equivalent. To be awarded with a PhD, you must select a specific subject within your chosen field, carry out extensive and original research and submit a substantial thesis on your findings.

Your thesis will be assessed by external examiners and will be judged on the quality of original research and contribution to the knowledge of the subject. When studying a degree and you are struggling with motivation, time management or simply need help with an assignment or some technical support, you can get in touch with our Student Advisors. A dynamic live chat means you can find out who else is online at the same time as you and ask other students questions.

There is also a discussion board where you can post questions that will be answered by a pool of industry trained teachers, waiting to help you. If you are an on-campus student at Swinburne University of Technology, you may be able to study some of your units online, through Swinburne Online. Speak to a Course Consultant today to find out if we can meet your unit requirements.

The length of your degree will largely depend on how many units you undertake per teaching period. The number of units required to complete a degree varies from qualification to qualification and you can see how many units are required to complete a particular degree on our Course Pages. Alternatively, you can have a look at our Course Planners for more detailed information about how to manage a specific degree.

As students have the option of studying between one and four units per teaching period and can change their study load throughout, each student will graduate at a different point. If you are studying a VET course, you can personalise your program, giving you the freedom to set your own goals, choose what units you study first, and determine how long you spend on each one. So whether you want to complete your diploma in two months or over a year — you can work towards your goals at a pace that suits you.

Yes, most students will be eligible for some type of overseas study program, either longer term student exchange or short term study tours. For more information visit our Swinburne Abroad page on the Swinburne University of Technology website. Our Course Consultants are always happy to recommend a study load and specific units for you to start off with based on your needs before you begin your degree with us.

Once you are enrolled, you can contact one of our Student Advisors at any time and they can help you set yourself up with a study plan designed to maximise your success. Within a teaching period, you have to do at least one unit to continue studying your degree. The maximum amount of units you can undertake in a teaching period is four units. If you need to take a teaching period off, you can look at deferring your course. When you enrol to study a degree with us, you will nominate how many units you would like to select per teaching period, based on a recommendation from one of our Course Consultants.

If you want to choose something different than what you are allocated to, that is no problem, just get in touch with our Student Advisors and they will take care of it for you. Yes, you are only required to attend exams at the end of each teaching period. There are no formal mid-semester exams. Exam attendance is necessary for all of our courses, other than education courses, our Bachelor of Design Communication Design and some media studies units. Exams are taken at specified exam centre venues in capital cities around Australia.

When students reside more than km from an exam centre, or have any condition that would prevent them from taking exams at exam centres, they can sit an online exam. All our international students will also be required to sit their exams online, at home using a personal computer. To find out more about exams, visit our assessments and exams page. All of our assessment tasks and assignments at Swinburne Online are submitted online, so there is no need to worry about broken printers, or assignments getting lost in the mail.

If you are unable to submit your assessment on time, there are a number of options available to you including extensions and special consideration. To find out more about assessments, visit our assessments page for university on the website. When you study a TAFE course with us your assessment tasks will be highly practical — instantly improving your work performance and helping advance your career.

You will find short assessment tasks featured throughout your learning journey such as quizzes, short answer responses and reflection, and short projects. Read more about TAFE assessments here. For most undergraduate students, we recommend you allow eight hours of study a week per unit.

For postgraduate education students domestic only , we recommend 10 hours a week per unit and for postgraduate business students and undergraduate design students we recommend allowing 12 hours a week of study per unit. A core unit is a unit common to most degrees within a discipline. For example, all social science degrees at Swinburne Online share the same core units, regardless of which degree you are studying.

Generally, core units are taken towards the start of your degree. For current students, more information can be found in the Study Resources section of our Student Portal. For example, as a Bachelor of Business Administration student, you may wish to major in a specialisation area such as marketing. To find out more about exams, visit our assessments and exams page on the website. Electives are free choice units that must be completed to meet the requirements for most of our degrees.

They are included in many of our courses to give students flexibility, in terms of how they complete their degree. Their inclusion in our courses allows students to explore other subjects of interest that may not be included in the core structure of their chosen degree.

Please note there will be no grade or mark associated with these studies. An exemption is a credit you are given by Swinburne Online for previous study or prior learning at another institute. If you are eligible for exemptions, it can mean that you can fast-track your degree or diploma and graduate sooner. To find out if you are eligible for any exemptions, speak to one of our Course Consultants. A pre-requisite subject is a subject or sequence of subjects which must be completed before choosing a subsequent unit or course.

For example, an undergraduate student cannot choose postgraduate units at Swinburne Online. A specialisation is a prescribed set of units within an area. Specialising in a second discipline, particularly one that complements your major, can complement your qualification and employment prospects. However, a specialisation is an area of interest not an accredited major.

We know students are most successful when they learn actively. This means not just remembering new information, but evaluating it and using it to solve problems and to come up with new ideas. Students at Swinburne Online learn with the three learning components: theory, practice and sharing. You learn your theory through the free Learning Materials, put it into practice with weekly Learning Activities and then share your learnings with other classmates in the Discussion Boards. Aside from the Student Advisors, we offer independent assessment feedback via Studiosity.

Studiosity is an online tutoring service that offers constructive essay feedback in less than 24 hours. Submit your draft essay or report to get expert feedback on academic writing, structure, flow and use of research. A Student Advisor is available seven days a week to offer our university students support in a whole range of areas including, but not limited to technical and academic support or even motivation to start studying. Otherwise you can email them anytime at help swinburneonline.

For TAFE students, any questions can be answered by your TAFE Student Supporter at tafe swinburneonline. Yes, you can request a student card when you enrol with Swinburne Online. Exams are held in Australian capital cities or regional centres based on the number of candidates in that location.

Venues within these cities will be selected based on their central location and proximity to public transport. Some capital cities may not be established as examination centres due to low candidate numbers. For more information, view our website.

Yes, students of Swinburne Online graduate with the exact same qualification as a student at Swinburne University of Technology. Not only does your graduation certificate look exactly the same, your coursework will cover all the same topics — we just transpose the information and assessment tasks so that they are perfectly suited to an online classroom.

They can help with issues from advice on assignments to problems with logging in to the Student Portal. For VET students, everything you need to know to complete your diploma is housed in our unique system called MyQuest. However, if you do find yourself with questions one of our VET student team are on hand.

Small class sizes ensure that you receive quick and effective feedback from tutors. You will also be encouraged to collaborate on discussion boards with other students. When students graduate from our courses, they will receive the same accredited qualification as a Swinburne University of Technology on-campus student. The graduation certificate awarded will also be the same. CONNECT is much like an online student lounge, where you can chat with students from across the whole of Swinburne Online.

From discussing your course, reflecting on student life, creating face-to-face study groups with students in your local area and even networking for your future, CONNECT is your networking haven. You can also open up discussions with students and teachers by posting questions to an online discussion board. At Swinburne Online, our online education method just requires students to have access to a broadband connection! Students can log in to their online environment to access their course, whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.

Traditional on-campus education requires students to attend lectures and tutorials at a venue at a given time. We provide you with everything you need to complete your studies online, however, you have access to all the facilities the campus has to offer. For students studying a degree, a virtual classroom is the online space where your learning will take place. Plus, class sizes are kept small so you get the personalised support you need.

As a Swinburne student studying online you have access to Studiosity , an independent tutoring service that offers constructive essay feedback in less than 24 hours. Submit your draft essay or report to get expert feedback on academic writing, structure, flow and use of research to help develop your English language skills.

When completing your degree, there is a vast amount of technical support at your disposal, both on our website and through our support team. At Swinburne Online, each unit you study will be run by an online tutor with years of industry experience. The tutors are called e-Learning Advisors and they have been trained to teach specifically in an online environment. You can contact your e-Learning Advisor via the discussion boards in the student portal, or via email for a timely response.

Swinburne started as a technical college in and gained university status in Read the history of Swinburne. For over years Swinburne has been committed to providing our students with the latest innovations in education. Swinburne has over 30, students enrolled worldwide, supported by 2, staff and an alumni network of over 90, Swinburne Online was born out of a joint venture between SEEK.

au and Swinburne University of Technology. We focus on providing you with industry-ready qualifications, from a university with over years of history. Swinburne Online students receive the same qualification as students at Swinburne University of Technology, an internationally ranked university with 30, students across its Melbourne and overseas campuses.

Yes, we offer a number of postgraduate degrees in business and education that will help you develop the skills and knowledge for a great career. All programs require a bachelor degree in any discipline, or relevant work experience. For students undertaking a degree, most of the software, like your online eTexts, that you will need to complete your course can be downloaded for free, using a license provided to you by Swinburne Online. However, certain units will require students to purchase some software.

If you are studying a unit s that requires you to purchase software, you will be notified via email prior to the start of the teaching period. All students can download a free version of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint for the duration of their studies.

The Tableau Desktop Certified Specialist certification is an industry-recognised qualification that demonstrates your comprehensive knowledge and abilities in Tableau application. This certification does not expire and does not need to be renewed. For more information, please visit the Tableau Desktop Certified Specialist Certification page.

Earning an industry certification is a powerful way to demonstrate and validate your competency to the market. Tableau certified professionals enjoy advanced career prospects, higher salaries, improved job security, greater confidence and proficiency in the workplace, and skill validation.

Tableau certified professionals are also invited to enter the Tableau directory — a platform used by companies and prospective employers to find Tableau-accredited talent. Am I eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place and a HELP loan?

Census date is your last opportunity to change your enrolment without incurring the cost of your units. Call us on Monday — Friday 9am - 5pm. Expand Menu Close Menu . About Swinburne University Our History FAQs Blog Current Students Student Hub Canvas MyQuest Student Support Important Dates TeamViewer Contact Us Request Information For Business On Campus Courses Call us Applications closing 28 October.

Apply now to secure your place. TAFE Diploma Courses Undergraduate Courses Postgraduate Courses Online Bootcamp Courses. Undergraduate Bachelor of Accounting Bachelor of Business with a Major in: Accounting Accounting and Finance Business Administration Finance Logistics and Supply Chain Management Management Marketing Sports Management See more. Undergraduate Bachelor of Design with a Major in Communication Design See more. Undergraduate and postgraduate key timetable dates Class registration places are released on: Tuesday 9 November at 10am 80 per cent Tuesday 9 November at 7pm 15 per cent Thursday 13 November at 10am 5 per cent To accommodate student enrolments, additional classes will continue to be added up to the close of class registration for each teaching period.

UniLink and Foundation Year key timetable dates. Study period Class registration opens Class registration closes SC1 Pathways Teaching 1 Tuesday 14 December , 2pm Friday 11 March SC2 Pathways Teaching 2 Tuesday 12 April , 2pm Friday 8 July SC3 Pathways Teaching 3 Tuesday 12 April , 2pm Friday 28 October Other key dates For further key dates, including census dates, fee payment dates, exam dates, dates results will be published and more, check out the academic calendar.

Neither the operations nor the teaching period at Swinburne Online have been impacted by the COVID pandemic. We will continue to operate as business as usual throughout this time of uncertainty, with no reduction in teaching, support or enrolment services.

Our intake dates remain unchanged. Swinburne Online is designed to thrive in the online environment. Our experienced support teams and tutors have always effectively worked with our satisfied students from a distance. Depending on your current situation, now might be the perfect time for you to start studying.

If you are finding yourself with extra time that you would usually spend on commuting or weekly commitments and would like to use it constructively, view our range of courses today. The courses we offer have been designed specifically for online consumption.

With over 10, students currently studying with us, you can rest assured that our online study has been tried, tested and approved by many. All you need is an internet connection. Yes, we will be offering a range of courses as part of this initiative. Read more about our priority course program. If you are eligible for a HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan, you will be able to defer your study payments until you earn above the repayment threshold defined by the Australian Tax Office.

We offer either HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP to Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa-holders for all of our university courses. For undergraduate degrees, Commonwealth Supported Places CSP are available for all students who meet the entry criteria.

HECS-HELP is available for Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa-holders as part of their CSP offer. New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents will need to pay their unit fees up front, but will be eligible for our domestic student fee. For postgraduate courses, Australian citizens and Permanent Humanitarian visa-holders who are eligible for courses will be able to use FEE-HELP to pay their tuition fees.

International students are not eligible for any Australian government fee assistance. Following the impacts of COVID, there are likely to be many changes in different industries. This may spark an opportunity for you to begin a career in a new field. Starting or completing a course now will help put you ahead of the pack.

The best study option for you will depend on your current level of education, as well as the amount of available time you have to commit. For those looking to step up and earn a promotion or just upskill in general, a short course might be the best choice. A Graduate Certificate is also a good option for anyone looking to be educated over a short period of time. If you are unsure about what level of study or time commitment is best for you, utilise our Study Time Calculator or view our range of courses today.

You can undertake our courses from anywhere with an internet connection, including the comfort of your own home during social isolation. Swinburne Online takes domestic students for both degrees and TAFE diplomas from anywhere in Australia. International students are also accepted for our degrees, although some differences to their payment processes will apply.

Your course material is available for you from the beginning of each teaching period and you can work through it in the hours that suit you.

There are some live webinar sessions that run approximately once a month. These are a special opportunity for students to sign in at the same time as their tutors, normally before an assessment deadline. We have a whole variety of support options available to students seven days a week, so no one is ever left feeling alone.

For students studying a degree with us, your small online class of students is run by a dedicated online tutor eLearning Advisor , who will always be happy to respond to your questions. They can help with issues from advice on assignments to problems with logging in to the Student Hub.

We also have online assessment support options that will cater to a range of academic needs. To find out more about our university support options, visit the student support page on our website.

If you decide to discontinue your studies, you will need to formally withdraw from your course. To formally withdraw, please complete the self-service request form including:. Withdrawing before Census: To avoid incurring a VET FEE HELP or VET Student Loan debt or to receive a full refund if you pay for your fees upfront you must send your email to Swinburne Online on or before your Census date.

We will inform you of your Census dates when you enrol. If you paid your fees upfront, Swinburne Online will send you a refund application form. Once this is processed you will receive a full refund within 10 business days. Withdrawing after Census: If you withdraw from your course after your Census date, you will be automatically charged for the units you enrolled in. If you elected for VET FEE HELP or VET Student Loan, you will incur the debt. No — VET Student Loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements.

More information is available at VET Student Loans. Start dates refer to your course start date new students , as well as start date options for your next block of units.

Census date is your last opportunity to change your enrolment without incurring the cost of your enrolled units.

You must read the VET Student Loans Information Booklet before applying for a loan. A VET student loan results in a HELP debt that continues to be a debt due to the government until it is repaid. You will start repaying the loan when you reach the minimum repayment threshold. The rate at which you repay the loan is based on your income, as you earn more you will repay a higher percentage of your taxable income towards your loan.

Check the Study Assist website to find out more. We encourage you to seek independent financial advice to be sure a VET Student Loan is right for you. Once you have finished your Introductory Skill Set course, you can apply for VSL to apply to the Diploma.

To study a diploma with Swinburne Online, you need to meet the specific entry criteria for your course. For our Business diplomas you must either hold a relevant Certificate IV, Year 12, or higher level qualification, or have at least two years of relevant work experience and have completed Year 10 Maths and English. Offered by universities, TAFEs, Registered Training Organisations and Community Education Centres, a diploma is a practical qualification, while a degree is typically offered by universities and encompasses more academic courses.

For more information about the different qualifications, visit our Online Courses page. For students undertaking a degree, most of your learning materials are included with a free license provided to you by Swinburne Online. However, in some cases, you will be notified via your student email that you will need to buy specific software or eTexts. For TAFE Business students, all of your learning materials will be available online and are covered by your course fees.

When you study a TAFE course with Swinburne Online all of your study will happen in Canvas. With the support of your Assessors and Lead Trainer, you can work towards your goals at a pace that suits you. Vocational Education and Training VET is focused on providing students with specific job related and technical skills. Qualifications include certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas and take less time to complete than a university degree.

Nationally recognised VET qualifications cover a wide range of industries, from business and management to trades, retail and hospitality. Technical and Further Education TAFE is the term used to describe certain state-administered education institutions.

Such institutions provide Vocational Education and Training VET and qualifying courses under the National Training System, Australian Qualifications Framework and Australian Quality Training Network. ASQA regulates courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met. Completing a Diploma or Advanced Diploma certificate will give you practical skills for work as well as the opportunity to progress to another qualification.

Please ensure you meet the entry criteria for the Diploma of Nursing before you apply. All of your study will happen in Canvas. The Diploma of Nursing course is fast-paced and you will need to find a work-life-study balance that suits your personal needs. Your academic and student support teams are here to assist you with different aspects of your studies.

Your Vocation Learning Advisor VLA is your go-to person to help you through your learning journey. Your VLA is extremely experienced, is a Registered Nurse and a qualified Training and Assessor. You will also have Student Advisors available seven days a week to assist with any general queries you may have, including those about your enrolment details, placements, exams and academic performance.

Yes, some of your units in the Diploma of Nursing course require you to sit exams. More information about exams and your study support options will be discussed on orientation day. The majority of your learning will be completed online, however you will also have the opportunity to attend Simulation Labs and Clinical Placements during your course. These aspects incorporate essential practical and experiential learning elements to your learning and better prepare you for working as a nurse.

Yes, you will be required to purchase textbooks for this course at an additional cost. You will also need to purchase a nursing kit and a uniform for when you go on placement at your own cost. You can purchase these online once you begin your studies or at your on-campus orientation tour.

In late , the federal Government announced changes to the current national health training package. As a result, Vocational Education and Training VET providers across Australia are now required to update their courses to implement these changes, including Swinburne Online. This is in effort to enhance VET qualifications and ensure students are developing the skills that employers require in the future. Yes, Swinburne Online accept applications from international students for our higher education courses.

The process of applying to enrol is exactly the same as for domestic students. Simply fill in a request for information and submit any documentation required or speak to one of our Course Consultants on We can potentially offer students unit exemptions for our undergraduate courses, based on diploma and higher education qualifications undertaken within the last 10 years.

We can also award unit exemptions towards our postgraduate courses, where previously completed studies are considered academically equivalent i. postgraduate level and have been completed within the last 10 years. TAFE students may be eligible to receive credit for previous study and work experience. Alternatively, if you have significant work experience related to your studies, you can apply to have this recognised through recognition of prior learning.

If you are applying to study a degree at Swinburne Online, enrolments close approximately 10 days before the start of each teaching period. Our teaching periods run three times a year, from March to June, July to October and November to February.

Key timetable dates for 2022,How can we help you?

Intakes Start date End Date Census Date Results NICA Teaching Week Number Course Intake HE Block 1 6 - 11 Yes Week commencing - Monday Year Week Number HE Teaching Week  · Study period Class registration opens Class registration closes; SC1 (Pathways Teaching 1) Tuesday 14 December , 2pm: Friday 11 March SC2 More learning experiences designed for you. Call for more information. Graduate with a Swinburne University of Technology degree Teaching Period 1: 8 March 6 June Teaching Period 2: 5 July 3 October Teaching Period 3: 8 November 13 February At Swinburne Online we have several enrolment dates throughout the year, allowing you to start studying when it suits you. Higher education, VET Business and VET Nursing courses each Academic Calendar Search. To select more than one option, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking on the option (s) name. Fields marked with are mandatory. Teaching ... read more

They can help with issues from advice on assignments to problems with logging in to the Student Portal. Their inclusion in our courses allows students to explore other subjects of interest that may not be included in the core structure of their chosen degree. Our Centre for Career Development is a one-stop shop for students looking for career advice and guidance. Academic dates for students. ELICOS Intake 9 fee payment due date.

au, Australian citizens or permanent residents humanitarian visa are eligible for FEE-HELP, providing they have not exceeded their FEE-HELP limit. Alternatively, you can have a look at our Course Planners for more detailed information about how to manage a specific degree. You may be able to complete one primary placement overseas provided that it is undertaken at either an Australian Curriculum Swinburen online teaching period commencing date or an International School where the language of instruction is English. All you need is an internet connection. A HECS-HELP loan will allow you to defer your fees to a government loan for CSP coursesswinburen online teaching period commencing date, allowing you to avoid any upfront fees for your course. Undergraduate Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology See more. Higher Education Winter Units Study Period.